About the movie

Abandoned by his father, 9 year old Artur is left in a State run orphanage; the harsh realities of the orphanage and fear are overcome by the comforting of his career, the kind Anna;
His Mother (Maria) awakes to realise her son is no longer at home and so begins a desperate search to be reunited with him; As she disappears into a vacuum of hopelessness’ her desperation is revealed in a children’s playground; Arrested and taken away she wakes to find that her friendly neighbour has sought out the help of her sister who runs a woman’s refuge and wants to help Maria.
Artur and Maria’s final reunion turns into a test of humanity and hope which pushes the Mother and son (and the newly found influence and kindness of Anna) relationship to the limits as their reunion is brought to a premature end;
A mesmerizing human drama set in southern Poland.